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Poker Texas Holdem: basic rules and winning strategies

Poker Texas Holdem started to gain popularity in the early 2000s when people were following it on TV and online. Unlike other casino games, where luck is the main game-changer, in this type of poker strategy is very important.

Today it is the most well-known kind of poker played in USA casinos, there were other types that were quickly replaced by Texas Holdem. Poker beginners also prefer to start from this variation of the game, they learn how to build strategy.

How to play Poker Texas Holdem online?

First of all, you should know that the game can be played by 2-10 people. Here is a step-by-step instruction for the game.

  • Each of the game’s participants receives two so-called “hole” cards, which will be faced down on the table.
  • As soon as everyone receives the above-mentioned cards, players start the first round of betting. Players have options to call, raise or fold.
  • After completion of the first round, the flop happens, meaning that three cards are flipped with the face-up.
  • After the flop, the second round of betting starts. During this round players have an opportunity to check, fold, call or bet.
  • Only after the second round comes to its end, the fourth card of the community is flipped. In the game, it is called “the turn”.
  • Another round of betting takes place, and the fifth community card is being flipped. This is known as “river” after which the final fourth betting round takes place.

The Showdown, when players compare hands in Poker Texas Holdem, will reveal the winner.

Strategies to follow in Texas Holdem poker game

If you want to have more chances of winning, you have to learn a couple of good strategies to implement in this type of poker.

  1. Starting hands matter. The best ones to start with are Poker Queens, Poker Jacks, King Queen. They are all great in the pre-flop stage. You need to learn how to get the highest value of the available hands.
  2. Calculating the odds. With a bit of practice, you will learn to calculate the probability of winning.
  3. Playing slowly is another strategy in Texas Holdem poker by which you can confuse your opponents and check even if you have a powerful combination of hands. This strategy works best when the other participants of the game are aggressive.

By applying strategies slowly you will become better and turn into an advanced poker player. On some online casinos, you can find Texas Holdem Poker free option, which will become the best training.

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