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Online slots peculiarities and the coolest 2021 casino games

Online slots main features

Online slots are the internet variant the former “one-armed bandit” machines, real casino games that can be played both for free and for cash. Thus, is not surprising that with the popularization of online casinos, slots online began to attract even more avid fans of excitement living in all the corners of the world: Aussies play online pokies Australia games, Europeans, and Asians often choose other types of gaming machines, Americans like card games simulators, etc. However, if a computer program is involved in any of these games, and they can be launched only with the help of a computer or/and a phone/tablet, these are all online casino slots.

online slots

Online slots features

Guys, who play online slots, choose these games for simplicity. All the player needs to do to make the first step to his future win is to determine the bet, click on the button, and watch how symbols line up on the screen. If the winning combination appears, the player gets a prize. When he loses, the bet goes fully to the casino. Externally, the slots may differ, but they have the same principle.

Some developers of online slots add to them various special features: a player can influence the process of building free pokies combinations by activating certain reels, pressing the stop button, and so on. In fact, all this is just a trick — a casino visitor cannot affect the process of such games in reality. This is similar to all slots.

Any game there is aimed at making money in a casino. An online machine is no exception. Its characteristic feature is the percentage of return and profit of the casino. The slot accepts players’ money and returns in the form of winning combinations only part of the funds invested in it. Usually, it is 80-90% or even more, but definitely less than 100%.

It is important to understand that although the game does not exclude the possibility of a win, even a jackpot prize, at a distance a player of any slot might lose. Thus, professionals invent various methods to “deceive” a slot, and some of them even succeed in their discoveries.

The best 2021 slots

Although it is almost impossible to pick any winning strategies here, Fortune that loves devoted fans of the games of chance, lets them making wins quite often. In 2021, the following gaming machines were called the most “beneficial” ones:

  • Planet of the Apes;
  • Gonzo’s Quest;
  • Poltava — Flames of War;
  • Divine Fortune;
  • Ted Slot Machine;
  • Wild Toro and some other new online slots for free and for online gambling.

These games attract players by their simplicity, visual design, and various tricks that brighten up the gameplay. Players can win if they pick a licensed slot machine in a good casino but at a distance it still works only for the profit of the institution. All machines operate on the same principle. They can hold attention and stimulate wagering, so a newbie must clearly understand how much he can afford to lose before making the first spin.

How to choose a slot machine

Choosing slots, guided by the following features:

  • Theme.
  • Rate of financial return.
  • The presence of bonus features. Additional options help to increase the number of winning rounds.
  • Jackpots. Many machines include large six- and seven-figure jackpots, which can be won at random – during any spin.

Also of note is the volatility (risk level) of gaminators. According to this parameter they can be divided into high-, medium- and low-lativity. High volatility is characterized by large multipliers (x10000 and more).

They rarely fall winning combinations, but they can get the jackpot. Medium volatility machines with multipliers from x5000 to x10000 – slots, in which the fall prize of medium value, and it happens quite often. Finally, in games with low volatility (their multipliers do not exceed x5000), winnings are frequent, but small.

When choosing a slot, you can also find out its rating. The higher the position of the game in the different tops, the more popular it is. Gaminator, ranked at the top of the ratings, often have a high financial return.

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