Our counties, cities and the State must adopt a comprehensive affordable housing policy. And to address the crisis of homelessness that policy must be focused on ‘housing first’. Chronically homeless residents need permanent housing with support services. Developing incentives and protections to stop SRO conversions (single room occupancy) and providing rent subsidies so those on SSI or have little to no income can afford a rental unit (as LA County does) are two policies I intend to pursue. We also need incentives and funding to acquire and construct new units of permanent, affordable housing. All of these are key legislative priorities for me in the State Senate.

Universal Early Care & Education for our 0 to 4 yr Olds

As Chair of the Assembly Budget Committee I facilitated the largest investment in pre-school and childcare in over a decade. Putting California on a path to universal pre-school and early care and education for our 0 to 4 year olds will continue to be my priority.

Restoring Justice to Our Criminal Justice System

This November we can continue important sentencing reforms by voting yes on Prop 57- to protect youth from adult sentences and provide incentives to those currently incarcerated to complete education & other programs. In the State Senate I will continue to fight for strong reentry services: job training, housing support and more; so that those who have served their time can be successful when they return home. I will also work to ensure there are alternatives to reduce incarceration of juveniles and non violent offenders.

Addressing Income Inequality

Ensuring that every family has access to affordable childcare and preschool, and that our schools can provide full day kindergarden will help every working family, and lower the opportunity gap that many of our children now face. As I did in the Assembly I will work to ensure that everyone facing food insecurity can easily access our food assistance programs like Cal Fresh. Now that California is on the path to a $15 minimum wage, making sure that work rules and workplace conditions are fair and can lead to a living wage will be among my priorities.

Strengthening California’s Renowned Leadership on Climate Change and Environmental Protection

California is well on the path to becoming fossil fuel free and I will work to help it get there, so that every community has healthy air to breathe and we protect our climate. Protecting our Delta and enacting policies for ground water protection and sustainable water use are high on my agenda.

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