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Winning hands in poker: games rules, list of hands and winning tricks

Winning hands in poker which guarantee you a table pot

This article is an excellent introductory guide for beginners who want to start playing poker or have just started and have not yet had time to get experience. In this article we will analyze all the basic details: the rules, winning hands in poker, poker hand rankings and mini-tips and strategies for victory, which you still do not know about.

What is so remarkable about poker? Why is it played by millions of gamblers around the world? Absolutely all players are united by one common desire – to win big jackpots. At high limit tables, a pot can reach up to $ 100,000, and prize tournaments have long exceeded millions of dollars. Become good at poker and maybe you will win this bag of money.

poker winning hands

Poker basic rules

The main foundation of any game is the rules. In poker, they are quite complicated:

  1. Players join the game table for 2-10 players.
  2. At the beginning of the round, one player becomes the big blind, and the next one clockwise becomes the small blind.
  3. These two players make bets according to table limits.
  4. After that, all players receive 2 cards face down.
  5. The first round of betting begins.
  6. The player can call the big blind, raise x2 from the big blind or fold the hand.
  7. After bets, the dealer draws 3 open cards on the table – flop.
  8. Players bet clockwise from the big blind.
  9. You can fold, call, raise or check.
  10. After the bets on the table appears 4th card – turn.
  11. All bets are repeated.
  12. The dealer draws the final fifth card – river.
  13. Players make their last bets and open their cards.
  14. The player who landed the strongest combo of 5 cards takes the pot.

The rules of the game are complex, but you will quickly learn from a few games. In addition, you still need to learn poker hands, poker combinations and winning hands in poker.

Top poker hands

As you learned from the rules, at the beginning of the game each player receives 2 cards – poker hands. At this moment, the game begins and you need to decide whether you play with these cards or fold. Here are the poker rankings of the 5 most powerful pocket cards that you always need to play:

  • Pocket Aces.
  • Pocket Kings.
  • Pocket Queens.
  • Ace King suited.
  • Pocket Jacks.

These are the most powerful starting combos that will give you a huge advantage in the game.

Winning tips and strategy

poker win strategy

There is no strategy in poker that guarantees you a 100% victory. But there are tricks and tips that will significantly increase the chances. The first rule for beginners is to never bluff. More experienced players will quickly figure it out and you will lose money.

The second rule is to play only strong winning hands in poker. So, you will win less often, but with a great chance.

The third rule – try to understand your opponent. If he bluffed 3 times, then next time he will also bluff. And if a player makes a bet only with a strong hand, it is better not to compete with him and immediately fold.

And the last rule – do not be fooled by emotions. Do only the best and logical actions.

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