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Texas Hold’em Hands – What You Need in Order to Win in Poker

Texas Hold’em hands – from weakest to strongest

Poker is the game that challenges players’ minds and skills all over the world. This is truly the game that can take your breath when it is time for showdown. All your decisions and actions define during the game whether you are worth becoming a champion.

texas holdem

Online poker opened plenty of opportunities for gamers around the whole world. Those who never had access to casino entertainment before finally gained it in the internet. Everyone from the weakest to the strongest player can now compete for the title of the poker champion.

Online Texas Hold’em – the poker king

The most spread type is Texas Hold’em. If poker games are considered as the royal family in the casino world, Texas Hold’em is truly the king of it. This version is played on all levels of tournaments from the friends gatherings to the world huge professional events.

Rules are easy when you have learned them thoroughly:

  • Gamblers make their small and big blind bets;
  • then all participants at the table are given two hidden cards;
  • in the first circle, the first three cards are positioned on the board as common and all players make their poker moves (call, raise, flop, check, all in, etc.);
  • in the next two circles, the board is added with two more cards (one for each round); gamers also proceed with the moves;
  • the result is estimated according to the particular combination of 5 cards that gamblers can combine from their cards and common cards on board.

The winner is defined by the strongest poker hand in the game. So what hands can be there?

Hold’em hands – all poker combinations

This type is normally played one deck. So the sets can be the following (from weak to strong):

  1. ’High card’ – in case no other set was created, the higher card from each gamer is compared;
  2. ’One pair’ is two identical card faces (the player can have 1 card and another can be in the board);
  3. ’Two pairs’ is two kits of two identical faces;
  4. ’Three of a kind’ is – the bunch of three identical faces;
  5. ’Straight’ is the succession of five cards with no need for their suits to be the same;
  6. ’Flush’ is five cards of one suit;
  7. ’Full house’ is three identical card faces together with other two same faces;
  8. ’Four of a kind’ is four identical faces;
  9. ’Straight flush’ is the highest combo in Texas Hold’em poker the succession of five cards of one suit.

The same hands of two gamers are compared by the superiority of card faces in them. The best possible hand in Texas Hold’em is royal flush where you have the succession from ace to ten of one suit.

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